This booklet is written as accompaniment to the online tutorial on Statistics with R (Basics), held as part of the workshop on Experimental Methods in Language Acquisition Research (EMLAR,, Utrecht, on 17 April 2020.

Here’s the abstract for the tutorial:

This tutorial will introduce the R programming environment for statistical analysis. Contrary to SPSS which is procedure-oriented (commands are verbs, e.g. “compute”), R is object-oriented (objects are nouns, e.g. “factor”). In this workshop, we will try to ease the learning curve of using R for your data analysis. Experience with statistical software is NOT required! We will use data simulation as well as real data sets, to explore topics like t-tests, \(\chi^2\) tests, and regression. We will also show how R produces publication-quality figures.

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Hugo Quené, Utrecht institute of Linguistics OTS, Utrecht University


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